Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) is a fishermen-led organization working at the intersection of marine conservation and social, economic, and environmental justice. NAMA is working to build a movement toward a healthy ocean, a just seafood system, and community-based fisheries that are diverse, fair, and equitable for all. NAMA’s mission is to enhance and maintain healthy marine ecosystems by organizing a decentralized network of community-based fishermen, fishworkers, and allies.

NAMA’s core set of values rests on understanding that not any one organization or community can solve the complex environmental-social-economic problems faced by our fishing communities and those whose lives depend on a healthy ocean. Seeking long-lasting solutions, NAMA builds collaborative models that connect fishermen, fish workers, social and marine scientists, fisheries managers, the public, local economy advocates, food systems organizers, family farmers, conservation activists, youth, and more. Through innovative business models like Community Supported Fisheries and shifting urban policies that keep seafood out of reach to the communities that need them most, NAMA works to ensure fishermen have lives with integrity while supplying those who need seafood with variety and affordable seafood. NAMA has successfully harnessed the power of its grassroots network and these new seafood market opportunities to shift policies at the local, regional, national and international level.

To engage the general public, NAMA has created engaging and interactive public events – such as Seafood Throwdowns – that bring the work to the public in dynamic fashion. But most importantly, NAMA created the Fish Locally Collaborative, a decentralized network of community-based fishermen, fishing community advocates, food justice advocates, and a broad spectrum of other individuals and networks all working together toward a common vision. NAMA serves as the backbone – or the anchor organization – for the FLC which has grown to hundreds of individuals, over 70 organizations, representing over 400,000 fishing families from around the US, as well as in Canada, Latin America, Africa and Europe. NAMA’s ability to build a network that is driven by fishers and led by the next generation of leaders from the fishing communities and beyond is an important part of the sovereign future NAMA envisions.

Learn more about NAMA at www.namanet.org.